Crystal Heart Size: 30 X 30 mm. Materials: Austrian Crystal, Swarovski Crystal beads. Loop: glass beads.

Crystals carry a vibrational rate that can influence other energies. Crystals also reflect light, most primary vibration in the Universe.

This beautiful Austrian Crystal Heart made with Swarovski crystal beads, will fill your space with rainbows when hung in a sunny window or in your car. As sunlight passes through a glass prism of the crystal, it is broken into hundreds of beautiful rainbows so you can experience healing properties of the sunlight in your home or office.

Crystals uplift the energy in any space and often used for Feng Shui purposes, to move and clear 'chi' energy in living space. Crystal Heart is designed be easily hanged anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

Energy Balancing Crystal make thoughtful gift for any occasion - weddings, birthdays, baby shower, or housewarming. It also makes a perfect gift for the Valentine Day or Mother’s Day!

Subtle Energy Balancing: Spinning a crystal over a sensitive location on the body has immediate effect on energies of that area. Spinning in a counter-clockwise direction pulls energy out of the area. Spinning in a clockwise direction sends energy into the area. Spinning back and forth over the endpoints of meridians pulls out stagnant energy and brings a fresh energy into the area of the body.




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