Energy Medicine can help people who struggle with physical illness or emotional problems. It is the holistic approach to self-care as well as a complement to conventional medical care. It can promote wellness and youth and increase high performance.


Energy Medicine believes that humans are containers of subtle forms of energy and that internal and external disturbances, as well as physical and emotional problems, create imbalances in their energy field. Having a healthy flow of these energies is essential for optimal health and well-being of every individual.

Irina tests for the energy imbalances in nine energy systems of the body and helps to bring them back to balance for optimal health and complete healing.




Nine energy systems of the body include Meridians, Auras, Chakras, Five Elements, Celtic Weave, Triple Warmer, Radiant Circuits, Electrics, and Grid.


These systems have been recognized by many cultures from around the world and described in a great detail by Donna Eden in her book ‘Energy Medicine’.  Irina is trained to work with all 9 energy systems by helping to bring them back to balance.




The field of Energy Medicine is based on the fundamental belief that all physical objects and psychological processes such as thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are expressions of energy. Therefore, all bodies are believed to be the physical manifestation with a ″subtle″ energy or life force.


This life force has been recognized by various cultures and associated with different traditions. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it is called 'qi', in the Judeo-Christian tradition it is called 'spirit', and in Ayurvedic medicine, it corresponds to 'doshas'. These subtle energies were called by a variety of names: meridians, life force, chi, chakras, and auras.


Correction of energetic imbalances in the flow of subtle energy along the meridians or energy channels can be performed using application of various energy therapies such as Yoga, Breathing practices (pranayama), acupuncture, acupressure, or Reiki. 


During the energy balancing session, a healer transmits the vital energy to a recipient as a way to restore health. When balanced, these energy systems can bring optimal health to the individual. 


The radiant circuits function to ensure that all the other energy systems are working for the common good. They redistribute energies to where they are most needed, responding to any health challenge the body might encounter.


In terms of evolution, the radiant circuits have been around longer than the meridians. Primitive organisms such as insects move their energies via the radiant circuits rather than through a meridian system, and the radiant circuits can be seen in the embryo before the meridians develop. As in the way that riverbeds are formed, it is as if radiant energies that habitually followed the same course became meridians. Where the meridians are tied to fixed pathways and specific organs, the radiant energies operate as fluid fields, embodying a distinct spontaneous intelligence.


Like hyperlinks on a website, they jump instantly to wherever they are needed, bringing revitalization, joy, and spiritual connection. If triple warmer mobilizes your inner militia, the radiant circuits mobilize your inner mom, showering you with healing energy, providing life-sustaining resources, and lifting your morale.

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